Where to buy?

With there rise in popularity tree ferns are now sold in your local supermarket, DIY chain or nursery but where is the best place to buy? I always advise people to buy from a specialist nursery or small garden centre to help and encourage these businesses to continue bringing to the market new and exciting species.

Here is a list of places you should check out when buying your next tree fern.


United Kingdom

Australia and New Zealand

North America


United Kingdom

Bali-Hai Mail Order Nursery
Situated in Carnlough, Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland. Bali-Hai offer a small range of Dicksonia antarctica tree ferns.

Website: www.mailorderplants4me.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 028 28885289


The Fern Nursery
Is a small family run nursery in the Lincolnshire Wolds it has been grown from an enthusiasm over the last twenty years.The nursery grows almost all its own plants from its own stock plants which are displayed in the garden, visitors are welcomed to take a tour and see the whole process.

Website: www.fernnursery.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01472 398092


Kelways Plants Ltd
Kelways has been a prominent name in British Horticulture since 1851 when it was established by James Kelway in the quiet country town of Langport on the Somerset Levels. The nursery is also known for a much wider range of plants including hardy ferns and roses. An extensive mail order business and a delightful Plant Centre operate from the site at Langport, with friendly and knowledgable staff. There stock of tree ferns includes Cyathea australis and Dicksonia antarctica.

Website: www.kelways.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01458 250521


Mulu began in July 1997 with a simple idea – to make beautiful exotic plants available to everybody… Their aim is to offer you something different. Some of the plants have not been commercially available before, or are long forgotten. They currently offer a range of ferns including Cyathea australis and Dicksonia antarctica.

Website: www.mulu.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01625 449013


Paramount Plants & Gardens Ltd
Paramount Plants & Gardens is a plant nursery specialising in mature specimen plants, garden design and landscaping. Situated in Crews Hill, North London, UK. This London plant centre is the ideal one stop shop for plant enthusiasts or novice gardeners. Staff have specialist knowledge of the plants they sell. They have a good stock of Dicksonia Antarctica and from time to time have Cyathea varieties available.

Website: www.paramountplants.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 020 8367 8809


Poplar Nurseries Garden Centre
Poplar Nurseries, based near Colchester, has evolved to become one of the leading independent garden centres in the UK. They stock Dicksonia antarctica with a range of trunks in stock.

Website: www.poplarnurseries.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01206 210374


Preston Nursery
Preston Nursery is a unique, family run nursery and plant centre in east Kent. They stock Dicksonia antarctica trunks with sizes ranging from 1-6 feet.

Website: www.prestonnursery.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01227 722250


Shady Plants Fern Nursery
Are a family run specialist fern nursery nursery situated in the fern rich Blackwater Valley in Co. Waterford, Ireland.
They have a large selection of ferns and tree ferns for sale and one of the widest selections of hardy ferns available to order directly online in Europe. Shady Plants send ferns, carefully packed, throughout Ireland, Great Britain and Europe.

Website: www.shadyplants.net
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(353) 86 0542171


Summerhill Garden Centre
Summerhill Garden Centre is a family run garden centre based in Billericay, Essex. They stock Dicksonia antarctica and Dicksonia squarrosa trunks.

Website: http://www.summerhillgardencentre.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01268 280699


Swines Meadow Farm Nursery
Swines Meadow Farm Nursery is a small family run nursery based in Market Deeping, near Peterborough. The nursery is run by passionate plantspeople who propagate a lot of their own stock. Their nursery is haven of plant goodies from all over the world, and Colin is always looking for that somthing a little different or rare! Tree fern stock inlcudes Blechnum Chilense, Blechnum Nudum, Dicksonia antarctica, and a specimin Todea barbara.

Website: http://www.swinesmeadowfarmnursery.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01778 343 340


Trevena Cross Nurseries and Garden Centre
Have a good range of both tree ferns and ground ferns. Highlights include Cyathea australis and dealbata, Dicksonia fibrosa, squarrosa and the beautiful Blechnum fluviatile from New Zealand. They also offer many other rare and exotic plants from around the world.

Website: www.trevenacross.co.uk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +(44) 01736 763 880


Australia and New Zealand

Fern Acres Nursery
The nursery is set in natural bush at Kinglake West, Victoria and offers a large variety of tree, ground and epiphytic ferns. Species available include Cyathea australis and Dicksonia antractica as well as some more notable species for collectors including Cyathea brownii, Cyathea cunninghamii, Cyathea dealbata, Cyathea medullaris, Cyathea smithii, Dicksonia fibrosa and Dicksoniasquarrosa. The nursery is open to both retail and wholesale and well worth visiting.

Website: www.ferns.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 03 5786 5031


Fern Factor
Fern factor is a specialist fern nursery. The nursery is a family owned operation which has now been running for 12 years. Species available include Cyathea dealbata, Cyathea medullaris, Cyathea smithii, Dicksonia fibrosa and Dicksonia squarrosa. The nursery also has an excellent select of native ground ferns.

Website: www.fernfactor.co.nz
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 03 344 0297


Oratia Native Plant Nursery Limited *New Zealand trade & retail ONLY*
Stocks a wide range of native plants, from ground covers and wetland species to large specimen trees. The nursery has a fantastic range of native New Zealand tree ferns including Cyathea colensoi, Cyathea dealbata, Cyathea medullaris, Cyathea smithii and Dicksonia fibrosa. This nursery does not export plants outside of New Zealand.

Website: www.oratianatives.co.nz
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 09 818 6467


Paradise Distributors
Are an online nursery and mailorder nursery in Nambour Qld. about 90 km north of Brisbane. The nursery is open to the public by special appointment only. Bob & Bev have been running it for the last 17 years stocking good sized plants many many of which you will never get anywhere else. Plants of note include Angiopteris evecta, Cyathea felina, Cyathea brownii and Cyathea tomentosissima.

Website: www.paraplants.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 07 5441 5921


Tree Ferns (New Zealand) Limited
Is a New Zealand based company devoted to the export of garden oriented products that are uniquely New Zealand.Company manager Alan Ford has been involved with the export of New Zealand garden products for 17 years and is well versed in exporting from New Zealand.The company has built a strong and satisfied customer base in countries such as Britain, Canada, USA, and Japan and are continually looking to expand into new markets all around the world.

Website: www.newzealand-garden-products.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 7 863 7706


North America

Fancy Fronds Nursery
Fancy Fronds Nursery sells temperate ferns, tree ferns, xeric ferns selectively cultivated by Judith Jones.

Website: www.fancyfronds.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (360)793-1472


FernCentral are a retail mail order nursery based in Southern California with a commitment of growing exceptional quality ferns. We are a small fern grower with a wide selection and inventory of both common and rarely cultivated ferns. Species available include Cibotium glaucum, Cibotium shiedei and Dicksonia antarctica.

Website: www.ferncentral.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (626) 961-6628


Foliage Gardens
Foliage Gardens is small retail mail order nursery specializing in hardy native and exotic ferns. It has been Sue Olsen’s passion and business since 1967. Foliage Gardens goal is to offer the best of the natives, unusual foreign species and traditional favourites to the fern loving public as well as newcomers to this fascinating area of the plant kingdom.

Sue has written an excellent book, Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns, which describes close to 1000 ferns and includes ~700 photographs.

Please note that Foliage Gardens are open for visitors by appointment only. Please do not drop in unannounced.

Website: www.foliagegardens.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (425) 747-2998


The Fern Factory
Is a family owned and operated business established in 1990, and located in Anaheim Hills, California. The Fern Factory offers a wide variety of Staghorn ferns, as well as other Blechnum, Cibotium, Cyathea and Dicksonia ferns. They also have a wide selection of other tropical plants.

Website: www.fernfactory.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (714) 221-4388