CITES Information

According to CITES:

Around 60 species of Cyatheaceae and Dicksoniaceae have appeared in international trade. Most of the species are traded in very small quantities, almost all for scientific purposes. Ten species are traded in significant quantities: Cyathea arborea, Cyathea biformis, Cyathea latebrosa, Cyathea lepifera, Calochlaena dubia, Dicksonia antartica, Dicksonia fibrosa, Dicksonia sellowiana, Dicksonia squarrosa. These are common, non-threatened species. Only Dicksonia sellowiana and Cyathea biformis are considered as ‘Endangered’ in its major country of export: Brazil.

In Australia and New Zealand, commercial trade of tree fern is well regulated. They are export countries for four of the commercially traded species (Calochlaena dubia, Dicksonia antartica, Dicksonia fibrosa and Dicksonia squarrosa). Given reported that there are no threatened species in New Zealand and that there would be no benefit for them to be listed by CITES. Trade is mostly national or local, there is little export.

Taxa are traded either as:
• live plants (all taxa);
• leaves (Cyathea alata, C. albifrons, C. intermedia, C. novae-caledoniae, C. veillardii, Calochlaena dubia);
• stems (Cyathea contaminans, Calochlaena dubia, Dicksonia fibrosa, D. squarrosa);
• fibres (Cyathea arborea, Cyathea spp., Dicksonia squarrosa);
• flowerpots (Dicksonia fibrosa, D. sellowiana);
• roots and rhizoms (Cibotium barometz).

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