Growing Tree Ferns

The ‘Growing Tree Ferns’ pages are a great resource of knowledge, information and advice for professional growers, garden designers, amateur gardeners or people curious in learning more about these ancient plants.

CITES Information – Information on the international and local trade of tree ferns from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Fern Propagation – All the basics on how to propagate ferns from spore.

Fern Societies – Want to find other people who enjoy ferns? Why not join a fern society, we have more than 30 listed!

Overwintering Tree Ferns – Looking for information on how to protect tree ferns overwinter in cold climates? Here you will find the three most common stratagies to providing overwinter protection.

Tree Fern Trade Regulations – Information on importing or exporting tree ferns or for people wanting to find more information about how these plants find their way into your local nursery.