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We hope our site is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about tree ferns in their natural habitat and how you can grow different species. Forest Ferns is the encyclopedia of tree ferns!

Tree ferns have become a must have addition to any garden, from minimalist contemporary urban spaces to crowded tropical planting schemes. Tree ferns make the stand out architectural plant. The aim of our site is to be a resource of information on tree ferns and share our passion for these ancient plants. Why not take a look at our video showcasing tree ferns thriving in the pristine forests of Victoria in Australia.

Below is a picture from Melbourne botanic gardens, which has one of the best collections of tree ferns in the world. Here a couple of Cyathea brownii tree ferns are growing just inside the main entrance adjacent to the Shrine of Remembrance.

Cyathea brownii tree ferns growing at Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Victoria, Australia
Our Tree Ferns pages are full of information on a variety of species of tree ferns. Whether you’re looking for information on the beautiful ‘Hardy tree fern’ Dicksonia antarctica or the ‘Rough tree fern’ Cyathea australis or maybe you are trying to find out where the Silver Ferns get there name from you can find the information here.

We also have information on how to propagate your own ferns in our Growing Tree Ferns pages. These also have advice on protecting tree ferns during the winter, and how to find your local fern society.

Cyathea australis tree ferns and Dicksonia antarctica tree ferns growing by a stream at Badgers Creek, Victoria, Australia
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